About Us


hal·​cy·​on ˈhal-sē-ən 

Our company name comes from the word halcyon, which means blissful or tranquil. Our logo has a symbol of the sun with underlying abstract rays to highlight the importance of chasing anything under the sun that makes one blissful. For HLCYN, our core mission is to promote commitment to chasing one's authentic passions.


About the Artist

My name is Sam, I'm an adventure and surf lover that grew up in Southern California. I fell in love with surfing and exploring new beaches and destinations when I was looking for an escape from the grind of a 9-5. Every weekend I would escape by finding a new beach, hike or nature destination. This project began as a way to capture those adventures on each perfect halcyon day via premium acrylic posters. As part of our call to adventure, we are always looking to push past our boundaries. If there is a particular hike, beach, surfspot or view, send us suggestions on our Instagram page!